Dream Catcher Wall Hanging Home Decoration Reiki 7 Chakra Natural Stones/Crystal Life Of Tree Symbol


Handmade Product

Item No:                                         R1002261-8

Weight:                                           150 gm

Metal:                                              Wood

Gemstones:                                   7 Chakra, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli,
                                                            Turquoise, Green Onyx,

                                                            Citrine, Jade, Red Onyx, Crystal

Measurement Length:             15 Inch

Circle Diameter:                         4.5 Inch

Life Of Tree Diameter:             2.5 Inch


Handmade Dream Catcher

Handmade Knotted 7 Chakra Natural Stones Dream Catcher With “Tree of Life” Symbol Reiki Healing


Completely handmade Dream Catcher with knotted macramé work. 
You can see fine quality of each and every knot in This Dream Catcher.
We were the first to develop A Dream Catcher with Natural Stones and With fine Macramé work.
The idea was to create a Dream Catcher that enhance the beauty of the Natural Stones as well as a fine macramé work.
The stones are high quality gemstone from Rajasthan, India. They are cleared stones, all Natural and not reconstituted. Many of them are hand faceted to bring the shine of the beads.